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Celine Aagaard is?one of the most influential voices in Norwegian fashion scene and has worked as an editor and journalist for the past two decades. Her enduring passion for sustainability led her to launch her own ecological fashion label Envelope1976. We catch up with her on personal inspirations and her take on fashion classics.



Tell us something about yourself and your relationship with fashion.

I have always been interested in design and fascinated with how people dress. Since I was a kid I knit my own sweaters when I couldn’t find them in stores and redesigned vintage-clothes. My mom always dressed me in oversized and unisex clothes, that could be later passed onto my younger brother. I have always looked up to my father - he is a photographer and after high school I started to work for a newspaper, and a few years later I became the editor in chief of two different magazines, where I got the chance to design my own silk scarves for a Norwegian brand. I guess that was the real beginning of the dream of getting my creativity and design out there.

What inspired you to delve into fashion sustainability?

That was a natural way to go for me. It was about time to have a stronger voice out there and also fight for a more transparent fashion industry. I have always supported local stores, production and ecological products and have been a vegetarian for the past 22 years. I shared my thoughts with my partner and co-owner of eco.logic and we founded Envelope1976. I strongly believe that every little step takes us in the right direction.

How much does the Norwegian nature and climate influence your personal aesthetic?

Norwegian nature, the air, the colours and seasons have been a great inspiration in how I wear and design clothes. I have travelled around the world, but my favourite spots in the world are still in Norway. The fjords, the mountains and the Ocean. I’m a huge fan of heavy knits and layers.

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What according to you makes a fashion classic?

Design made to last and icon pieces with a history. I believe in slow fashion and I’m not a huge fan of trends and fads. I would rather have a few nice shoes that I know I can have for years, than a 100 pairs. The Vara is very versatile and can be worn and styled differently to suit either feminine or masculine aesthetic.