Price Range:
Square Footage:
1311A W. 25th St
1831 Square Feet
2 Stories
Reuther Homes designs, builds and markets high-quality homes in Houston’s trendiest neighborhoods. Close to the city. Smartly appointed. Superior quality materials and construction. That’s Reuther Homes. A Reuther home is for those who value performance over pretense; the metropolitan mode over suburban sameness. When compared with homes of similar design, a Reuther Home will always prove itself the better built, from structure to amenities. And the company builds where you want to be—right in the heart of progressive Houston...
from financing to support—using professionals who respect your schedule, lifestyle and desires.

A privately held company, Reuther Homes was founded by native Houstonian and third-generation real estate professional J.R. Reuther. Building the company on a lifetime of real estate and construction experiences, he has grown his real estate interests from scratch to include several premium properties around town.

Mr. Reuther also owns and operates Reuther Investments, which is focused on a growing regional portfolio of real estate investments.

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